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Our Clients

Who's using HASMATE?  Here's some comments for a few of our clients...


Turfrey have chosen to partner with HASMATE as part of our direction to lead the way with Health and safety and making sure we not only meet the new Worksafe NZ law but that our team are safe. Health and safety doesn't have to be complicated, with the HASMATE system in place and Gordon's expertise, efficiency in the business lifts and our clients feel confident doing business with us.


Dave Schofield, Manager - J. Young Motors

"Health and safety systems can be very complicated. HASMATE gives you a cost-effective, real solution. It provides fantastic reporting and recording functions - and it's all in one place! I like that I can use it on my laptop anywhere, any time. HASMATE is easy to learn and it eliminates masses of paper, making it easy to find what you want. Mobil inspects our site every three months and have been very impressed with our records.  Thanks to HASMATE, our business has been recognised with the Mobil health and safety award for the last 5 years."


Sam Barlow, Marketing Coordinator - Gemco Group



"We use HASMATE to keep staff training, plant and equipment, and health and safety records for around 90 staff. The reports HASMATE produces are great. It's easy for us to check what equipment we've bought during the year, to let the guys know where they're at with their training, and when we last provided a piece of protective gear. I print a report on any injuries for our monthly Health and Safety meeting, and the quality of the record keeping and reporting HASMATE provides has helped us achieve our high level of ACC accreditation."




Steve Clark, Contracts Manager - Boulevard Services



"I was impressed by how easy it is to use and its ability to be used remotely. I purchased the programme for our business, a large industrial cleaning company; we have 60 staff operating over a large number of different sites from saw mills to supermarkets and large warehousing. We have just been awarded our secondary level Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme. When we were audited the auditor was really impressed with the HASMATE system and how easy it is to generate the reports I required for the audit process... I truly believe this programme is a "must have" for any business serious about the management of personnel records for health and safety."


Boulevard Services