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What type or size of company is HASMATE suitable for?

HASMATE is suitable for any business regardless of size or industry sector. Many compliance standards are similar internationally and HASMATE can easily be customised to suit.

What hardware do I need to use HASMATE?

HASMATE can be used on any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

How secure is my company information?

HASMATE is hosted on a Maxnet data centre with a 99.999% security rating.

How much does HASMATE cost?

The cost of Hasmate depends on the number of businesses/sites/branches that you have.

(Pricing effective 1st November 2017).

Number of businesses/sites/branches      Monthly Cost OR Yearly Cost
1- 2   $125 + GST   $1,500 + GST
3 - 5   $200 + GST   $2,400 + GST
6 - 10   $375 + GST   $4,500 + GST
11+   $550 + GST   $6,600 + GST

Please contact us for more information.

Do I have to purchase additional licences for extra users?

No. You can give anyone in your organisation access to HASMATE.

What type of compliance management systems is HASMATE suitable for?
  • Health and safety
  • Chemical management
  • Training
  • Human resources
  • Employment and personnel
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • Quality and workplace improvement systems
  • Asset management
  • Contractor and supplier management
How does HASMATE manage chemicals I store and use?

The new HASMATE module has been designed to help you manage the processing of chemicals in accordance with the HSNO Act 1996. You can document all your chemical requirements, produce reports and individual chemical profiles. This provides a large range of management information.

How does HASMATE help to ensure ongoing compliance?

HASMATE reminds you to take actions that could be critical to the performance of your business. When you enter a date to review an action, such as the replacement of equipment or renewal of licences, these dates are automatically activated as alerts to remind you to do them again in the future.

Can HASMATE help my business to achieve the ACC discounts and experience rating?

Yes. HASMATE has been designed to answer 70% of the requirements of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) audit process. Many HASMATE users are now receiving discounts on their ACC premium.

Can I access existing documents from HASMATE?

Yes. Documents on your server can be linked to HASMATE for quick easy access. HASMATE also has an inbuilt separation between the cloud and your existing systems for security and the protection of your information.

What does the trial version of HASMATE do?

The trial is available to all users for 30 days, and will give you access to all the modules and features of HASMATE.

Is a user manual available?

As every business will use the HASMATE program in different ways, the forum is the best place to look to answer any questions you have about how to use the program.  "How To" information is being added regularly - and if this doesn't answer your particular question, you can add it to the forum, or contact Hasmate directly to discuss.

What other services do you offer?
  • How to use HASMATE to manage health and safety systems
  • How to import company information into HASMATE
  • Data monitoring and monthly management reporting
  • Development and auditing of health and safety systems
  • Health and safety training